The Lift - an animated cartoon by Rob Kohr


Woods Hole Film Festival and others…

I haven’t posted since C2E2, mostly because work has been crazy busy but also I didn’t have all that much too say. Of late, the festivals are starting to pickup. I was just informed that The Lift will be screening at The Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA), Animation Block Party (Brooklyn) and at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival (London).

All of these are so wonderful and I couldn’t be happier, I have to say that its always been a goal to get into the Woods Hole Fest. I have been going up to Falmouth, a town near Woods Hole, since I was little. There was a time when I didn’t want to do art let alone animation, I wanted to be a marine biologist. Woods Hole is the seat of this industry as NOAA is based out of Woods Hole and Bob Ballard’s expeditions to the Titanic were also based out of here. So this one is a little extra sentimental.

That said I HAVE to go I can’t wait to watch my film of of HDCAM and chased with some lobster rolls :D

Rob Kohr and The Lift at C2E2 Chicago

Kathy at our table

My flight was canceled on Thursday so Kathy and I had to get up at 5am, catch a 7:30am flight to Chicago, land then setup. That was the beginning of our trip, little did I realize that conventions are really really draining. It’s a ton of fun to talk to everyone about my film “The [...]

Alabama International Film Festival

The Lift @ Alabama International Film Fest

Posting an image up from the AIFF website of my film at the top of the films section, looks so nice! If you are in the area check out The Lift at its first festival screening in 1080p! More details

C2E2 – Rob goes to Chicago


With the first ever C2E2 only 4 days away I figured I would show off a little bit of the stuff I intend to sell. I just mastered my first run of DVDs. Each DVD contains the stereo and Dolby surround sound versions of The Lift as well as the animatic and rough animation tests. [...]

Kohrtoons Studio Logo

KohrtoonsStudio Logo

Just wanted to toss this out there. I just finished working on my new Kohrtoons Studio logo and its logo slate animation for the Lift DVD that I will be selling at C2E2 next week. The animation is my first animation in Toonboom’s Animate Pro.