The Lift - an animated cartoon by Rob Kohr


Premiere Party

Last week I turned 29 and had my premiere party for “The Lift”.  All-in-all we had between 50-60 people at The Central Bar in their upstairs lounge.  With an assortment of Irish brews, Duval brands and one of my fav’s, Brooklyn No. 1 we all celebrated what had turned out to be nearly a 3 year project 5 years in the making.

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who came, you really made it a special night for me!

Check out some of the pics from the night, unfortunately my camera was near dead but we got a few memorable shots in.

Organization and production

The Lift - Shot List

I just wanted to make a brief note on organization, the production side of the project.  I know this sounds crazy and ‘un-artistic’ but to be a filmmaker and an efficient filmmaker you have to be organized.  Before I start ANY project I create a chart of goals.  The finished chart for “The Lift” (above), [...]

Fun with Dolby

Dolby Logo

Greg, my sound designer / mix master, sent me an edit of Dolby 5.1 audio last night along with a final stereo mix down.  I have never worked with surround sound so it was hit or miss if I would get it to work.  As I have said in the past, the shots were all [...]


After 4 years of sweat, tears and late nights, I have FINALLY finished my short film! I created this site as a single place to get more information on screenings of “The Lift” as well as explore how I made the film that kept me up many nights until 2AM. While creating a production blog [...]

Making of a shot – Shot 13

This week I am posting a much earlier shot from my film ‘The Lift’. In this shot the main character is leaving for work, or what ever she does. As you saw from one of the other later shots I posted she doesn’t make it to where she was going. Something I haven’t really talked [...]